The Ending هاء and its Different Shape went added to the Left Hand Side of Letters that can not be connected

This is the letter الهاء

When connected on both ends it looks such as:


When it is alone it appears as such:


Some students confused this letter

التاء المربوطة /  ة

with letter ه , they both at the end of the word makes the sound ه but ة if it continuous read without stopping it makes a ‘ta’ sound like التاء المفتوحة the open ت .


Models of the letter ه along letters that do not connect on the left-hand side such as ادذرزو it appears as such:

اه- ده- ذه- ره-زه- وه

More models to follow:

 ذه مه اه ههه ه زه ة ة ة المسلمة  ة دة ده م

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